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How to Lodge a Complaint

Are you unhappy about Communications products or services ?
  • Contact your service provider, register your complaint and obtain a serial number.
  • Depending on the nature of your complaint, your provider should inform you of a timeframe in which the issue should be resolved.
  • If your provider takes long to resolve your issue.
  • If your provider does not resolve the issue.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Then you come to/contact UCC

  • Call 0800222777 - Toll-Free
  • Email: complaints@ucc.co.ug
  • Contact you to verify the details of your complaint.
  • Register your complaint.
  • Analyze and investigate the issue raised.
  • Escalate the complaint to your provider.
  • Follow up with you to ensure closure.


As part of the complaint handling process, the Commission may send a copy of this form to the company against whom your complaint is filed. For faster handling of your complaint please endeavor to give accurate information.

Complaints Categories

  • Top up issues
  • Billing
  • Mobile Money
  • Vas / Campaigns / Promotions
  • Binzindalo
  • Poor Signal / Network Content
  • illegal Stations
  • Over Modulation and Interference
  • Top up issues
  • Service Quality & Speeds
  • Cyber Related Issues
  • Sim Related
  • Device Related


  • Fake Promotions
  • Impersonation (agent)
  • Misleading Adverts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Ordinary post
  • Speed post (EMS, DHL)
  • E-Post
  • Stamps
  • Network Related
  • Roaming issues

Misplaced calls

Unsolicited SMS

  • Events
  • Campaigns & projects
  • Unclear Complaints
  • Misdirected / Misplaced calls